Policy for review of publications* prior to any submission:

  • Use of SIOP Logo
  • Use of SIOP Data
  • Emanating from the Board, Continental branches, Committees, Networks, Working Groups or ad hoc groups of SIOP
  • Proposing to publish SIOP-sanctioned treatment or management guidelines
  • Proposing to publish any SIOP policy or advocacy position

* Books or other publications can only be endorsed by SIOP if their content has been written from a SIOP perspective. Just having prominent and active SIOP members contribute as co-authors to a single articles or contributing chapters to a larger publication does not make it a SIOP entity.

What we will review

  • Review whether it is an appropriate article to use SIOP name
  • Review with respect to duplication of manuscripts from committees etc.
  • 1st and last authors must be SIOP members


  • Publication & Endorsement committee Chair is the SIOP CEO
  • Reports to Board through SIOP CEO
  • Log maintained by SIOP Office
  • Publications submitted online for review by the Publication & Endorsement Committee via SIOP Office
  • Committee meets monthly on the second Friday of each month
  • Requests for review must be received 7 days in advance of the monthly meeting to be considered that month.
  • Responses will be sent right after the committee meeting, unless clarification is required

Online Submission Form

Please complete all pages of the following application form and submit by clicking below on the button “Submit”.