Purpose: To provide guidance on harmonization of care between conventional oncology care and traditional and complementary medicine practices globally.

Plan: Ultimately, our goal is to update the SIOP ‘Non-conventional therapies’ guideline in accordance with the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy and the UN Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples. Our work is to summarize what is known in the field, identify safety and efficacy data for T&CM practices, define inventive methods of harmonization of care, and identify best practices.


Our current projects include:

1.      A rates of use of T&CM systematic review in a country income context –presented in poster at SIOP 2015, manuscript in submission.

2.      Systematic reviews of T&CM use in supportive care during cancer therapy, and use for curative intent – ongoing

3.      Review of incorporation of T&CM care within national/regional cancer control plans, presented in poster at ASPHO 2015.

4.      An examination of the grey literature for cases where conventional therapy has been abandoned to pursue T&CM care in insolation.