SLAOP 2016

19 – 21 May 2016, Lima (Peru)



SLAOP 2014

03 – 05 April 2014, Valparaiso (Chile)


 Prof Silvia Brandalise
State University Of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


 Dr Juan Quintana


Clínica Las Condes Santiago-Chile, Chile

About SIOP Latin America

During 2015, as it happened in 2014, our main focus was the Pediatric Oncology Course (PEOp) for the Health Sciences graduation students coming from various Universities and Institutions in Brazil, that happened as a full-time training program during the summer vacation time (8 weeks). The Course was based on St Jude POE program.

The selection included the curriculum vitae evaluation, made by 5 professors involved with the Course. 20 students were selected for 5 areas: epidemiology, genetic, molecular biology, pathology, image and pharmacy . Two scientific initiation researches were developed by 2 medical students, and are under way.

All of them were interested on the Early Childhood Cancer Diagnosis Chart edited by SIOP/UICC and ICCCPO , translated to the Portuguese language.

Under supervision, they discussed the Chart directly with the Primary Care Professionals. Next Jan-Feb 2016 Course, this approach will be repeated with other selected students.

Printed SIOP/UICC/ICCPO folder on Early Childhood Cancer Diagnosis were distributed by mail to almost 300 Pediatric Institutions and Societies all over Brazil. Ronald McDonald Institution, received this material for didactic strategy for the Early Diagnosis Courses in the country.

The Latin American Pediatric Oncology (SLAOP) Congress helded in Chile, was coordinated by Dr Juan Quintana. He will report about it for the next SIOP report.