Luisa Basset Salom, PhD

Luisa Basset Salom, PhD

Luisa Basset Salom, PhD Architect and Professor of Structural Analysis and Design at Universitat Politècnica de València, is the mother of a long-term childhood cancer survivor.

She is involved in a volunteer basis in regional, national and international patient advocacy.

She is the international representative of Federación Española de Padres de Niños con Cáncer since 2005 and serves as vicepresident of Aspanion (childhood cancer parent association based in Valencia).

Luisa is Board Secretary of Childhood Cancer International (CCI) and vicechair of CCI-Europe Committee, where she is also the head of the Capacity Development Pillar. As CCI Europe’s patient advocate she has participated directly in several EU projects such as ENCCA or JARC.

Luisa represents CCI-Europe in WECAN (Workgroup of European Cancer Patient Advocacy Networks) and since 2016 she is ePAG representative and member of the Oversight Committee of the ERN PaedCan (European Reference Network for Paediatric Oncology).

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