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Over the past few decades, the field of Paediatric Oncology, across professions, has been transformed by unstinted efforts of many exceptional women. These women, despite innumerable obstacles, have broken through the proverbial ‘glass ceilings’ and achieved great success in advancing our understanding of childhood cancer.

This 2023 SIOP Almanac of Women Leaders, developed by the SIOP Women Leaders Network, profiles many such women leaders and seeks to celebrate and honour their contributions. Each profile provides an overview of the woman leader’s background, accomplishments and impact on their profession. Through these profiles, you will gain insights into the unique outlook and perspectives that women bring to the field of Paediatric Oncology.

It is our hope that this Almanac will act as a source of inspiration and motivation for current and aspiring women leaders in Paediatric Oncology, help to further promote inclusion, equity and diversity in the field and encourage more young women to pursue a career in Paediatric Oncology.

Thank you for reading the Almanac and please be sure to contact us with questions and suggestions:

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SIOP Women Leaders in Paediatric Oncology Network

Chair: Faith Gibson (UK)

Steering Group Members: Sarah Cohen-Gogo (Canada/France) Monica Cypriano (Brazil) Amita Trehan (India) Adedayo Joseph (Nigeria) Eman Al-Shamsi (UAE) Giselle Saulnier-Sholler (USA)