Brief Introduction for the Bid for IPA Future Congress Site in 2027

  1. The applicants will be only national societies, not PCO.
  2. The national pediatric congress of the national society holding the IPA Congress should be combined with IPA Congress.
  3. According to the usual rotation of geographic sites, the site for the 2027 Congress must not come from a country in a region* in which the two previous congresses have been held (2023 India and 2025 United Kingdom).

NOTE: *IPA Regions: 1 – USA and Canada, 2 – Latin America (including Mexico), 3 – Sub-Saharan Africa, 4 – Middle-East and North Africa, 5 – Central Asia, 6 – Europe, 7 – Asia Pacific.

Documents that are inquired for the bid are as follow:

  1. A letter from the President of the bidding IPA Member Society endorsing the bid.
  2. A letter of endorsement from the government of the bidding society which endorses the bid and assures that members of all IPA Societies will be welcomed to enter the country to attend the Congress.
  • The proposed Venue (layout, pricing lists and contact details)
  • The proposed Hotels (listing, capacities, price range and contact details).
  • Support that will be available from local authorities (including sponsoring receptions, sponsorship of air travel, support for in-country transportation, etc.
  • Activities that will develop an active exhibit hall.
  • Contact details of the Convention Bureau in the bidding country (if applicable).
  • Information on public transportation availability (metro, subway, etc.).
  • Any additional information you may need is appropriate.


– We request that the country submitting a bid for ICP Congress includes the sponsoring code of ethics for the country.

– Bidding Societies may enlist the assistance of a convention bureau from their country or city in preparing bids. However, the IPA is not committed to use these services should they be too expensive or deemed not to be appropriate.

The last date to receive the documents for the bid proposal is on 19 August 2022 for further consideration.

Details of other important dates for the bid can be found in the IPA Website (


National pediatric societies that have put bids in the past are welcomed to bid for IPA 2027 Congress while considering rule number 3 explained above in the brief and in the Manual for Future Sites for International Congress 2027 (attached). Please see the attached documents for details regarding the process to submit bids for the future IPA Congress site in 2027 and feel free to forward, distribute and share this information as you see fit.


Please do not hesitate to contact the IPA administrative office ( ) if you have any questions regarding this matter.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Prof. Enver Hasanoglu             Prof. Aman Pulungan              Dr. Naveen Thacker

IPA President                          IPA Executive Director           IPA President -Elect