It has been an exciting few months for the How I Live film and production team. How I Live is a documentary that examines global childhood cancer in low-resource settings and follows patients and the healthcare providers that care for them.

Filmed over four years in Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, and Myanmar, the film had its debut at SIOP Africa in Cairo, Egypt in March.

From Cairo, the film then went on to screen at SLAOP in Guayaquil, Ecuador in April.

How I Live was also the subject of a recent poster presented at SIOP Asia in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates earlier in April. Lead author of the poster Irini Albanti DrPH, MPH, MA of the Global Health Initiative at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s has collaborated in the making of the
film from the pre-production through completion phase of the project and brought forth the perspective of mapping the process of making the film as a global health communications tool in the poster.

“ How I Live is a unique example of how forming strong partnerships among different industries is essential for the improvement of health outcomes and global health inequities. We hope that this film can serve as a powerful catalyst for social impact and innovation, and inspire action for change”.

The How I Live filmmaking team at Persistent Productions intend for the film to continue to be a tool for advocacy and awareness around the disparities in survival outcomes in global childhood cancer and look forward to more screenings soon. We invite you to follow the film on Facebook
at How I Live or the website at

Link to 5 minute clip