2023 Programme

Hosted by the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) & the  International Pediatric Association (IPA).

Session Title

Challenges in Early Diagnosis for Childhood Cancer: Strategies that Work”

Date & Time

November 14, 2023

16:30 – 18:00 GMT

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Survival outcomes for children and adolescents with cancer have exceeded 80% in high-income countries (HICs). However, survival rates are much lower in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), where nearly 90% of children with cancer reside. Early diagnosis allows a timely treatment while the disease is still in its earlier stages. Diagnostic delay in childhood cancer is a significant problem in LMICs and leads to high rates of advanced disease at presentation. Inconsistent referral networks cause substantial underdiagnosis of cancer in children. It is estimated that 50% of children with cancer in LMICs are never diagnosed. 

Strategies to educate healthcare workers on the presentation and initial management of childhood cancers should improve early recognition of pediatric cancers and timely referral to pediatric oncology care centers and improve survival outcomes. “SIOP Childhood Cancer Early Diagnosis and Appropriate Referral (CEDAR)” is a collaborative project of SIOP and IPA, which aims at improving the knowledge and understanding of general health care providers, including pediatricians, family practitioners, and community nurses, who are involved in the initial care, diagnostic workup, and referral of pediatric patients. 

Preliminary Agenda & Speakers

  • Impact of ongoing Early Diagnosis Campaigns: Case Studies from countries with established strategies/Impact- (40 Minutes): 
  • Overview of SIOP/IPA initiative for Early Diagnosis; SIOP CEDAR Project-(10 minutes) 
  • Interactive Panel Discussion with representatives from SIOP and IPA: Global Strategies for Early Diagnosis- Possible way forward (40 minutes) 

Agenda (for download)

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