Baggott Christina, Dr

Baggott Christina, Dr

Nursing Committee Member

Dr. Baggott is a pediatric nurse practitioner with over 25 years experience in pediatric oncology. She received her doctoral degree at the University of California, San Francisco and currently works as a Clinical Research Nurse Practitioner at Stanford University.

Dr. Baggott’s program of research is focused on an evaluation of the symptom experience of children receiving treatment for cancer. Aspects of this program of research include the assessment of changes in symptom occurrence, severity, and distress across the child’s treatment trajectory, potential genetic influences on symptom severity, the impact of symptoms on patient outcomes (e.g., functional status, quality of life), and parents’ perceptions of children’s symptoms.

An additional focus of her research is the use of technology to develop and evaluate tools on mobile platforms to assess and manage cancer-related symptoms (mHealth).

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