Dear SIOP GHN AYA members:


We had our first meeting of the year a couple of weeks ago when we had an inspiring discussion with a lot of very good ideas about how to improve and expand our network! We are sharing with you the minutes of that meeting below if you are curious and open to join us the time.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday May 17 at 8 AM PCT / 5 PM CEST

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Also, if you are interested in having a more active role in the SIOP AYA Network, please join our new WhatsApp group, where we will coordinate and plan in more detail all AYA related projects.

You can either follow this link from your phone or you can scan the QR code from your computer.


QR code:

Once you join our WhatsApp group, please send a message introducing yourself by name, country, specialty and an area of interest in AYA oncology.



Below is a list of ideas/future projects to work on together:

1) Educational sessions for the entire AYA network: We will plan to coordinate an educational session every 4-6 months.

For our first session we are planning to involve one representative from all 5 WHO regions (Africa, Americas, South-East Asia, European, Eastern Mediterranean and Western Pacific Regions).

2) Creation of a Repository with the most up-dated AYA papers and a Journal Club:

We discuss the possibility of creating a Repository where we can collect the most updated data on AYA around the world. We will create a search strategy that we can replicate every 3-4 months to update this repository.

4) AYA Global Tumor Board

We discussed the option of coordinating weekly/monthly meetings to present patients and ask for expert opinions. We all agree that this is a great idea but should be a long-term goal, and it is unlikely to be accomplished this year.

5) Create a WhatsApp group to identify all those members that are willing to have a more active role in this network and lead new initiatives. (See above)


Thank you all for all your help! Looking forward to seeing you in out next meeting


Elysia and Gabi

GHN AYA WG Co-chairs