Dear SIOP Leaders,


Sincere thanks to our SIOP leaders for your hard work and dedication to SIOP and SIOP members. Please take a few minutes to see the variety of activities that has been developed and offered last month as well as a few updates and opportunities.


Updates on the Wonderful Work and Initiatives across the Society

  1. The SIOP SCN Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine SIG collaborated with the SIOP Nutrition Network to offer an educational session held on 6/26/2024.
  2. The GHN PROS WG held an educational webinar on 6/20/2024 on “Principles of Pediatric Radiotherapy”. Attendance reached 227 people! Congratulations to the team!
  3. The Women Leaders Network held a session at the SIOP Asia Congress on 6/23/2024 discussing challenges and opportunities of women leaders.
  4. The Nursing Network supported the nursing track program development and delivery at Continental Congresses in Asia and Africa.
  5. The “Proud to be a SIOP Member” Campaign in social media was launched and is ongoing. Please learn more about how to participate here.
  6. SIOP SCN Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine SIG held a Journal Club on Bone Marrow Transplant & Physical Therapy on 6/20/2024.
  7. The SIOP Supportive Care Network collaborated with St Jude Global to deliver Pneumocystis Jirovecii in Pediatric Cancer on 6/26/2024.
  8. The Governance Committee met to review the TOR of the SIOP WHO NSA Committee, TOR of the Essential Medicines WG and the TOR of the Survivorship Network.
  9. The SIOP Survivorship Network opened the process for soliciting nominations for leadership positions. Please apply by Aug 15, 2024.
  10. June was Cancer Survivor Month, and this was marked by a 2-hour webinar developed by the SIOP Advocacy Committee and CCI.
  11. The SIOP WHO NSA Committee successfully submitted their comments to the WHO’s web-based consultation phase 1 on the NCD agenda. SIOP welcomed the opportunity to contribute to this first phase of the consultation in preparation for the Fourth High-level Meeting of the UN General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of NCDs scheduled for 2025.
  12. The Essential Medicines WG informed SIOP members of its structure, mission and goals and launched a Global Access to Rituximab for Children with Cancer Survey.
  13. SIOP Africa, SLAOP and SIOP Asia held successful regional Congress in June 2024 with excellent attendance rates and strong programs. Congratulations to the LOC and organizing teams!
  14. The SIOP Global Mapping Project presented its work at the SIOP Asia 2024 Congress in Jun 2024 and is preparing a special session for the London Global Cancer Week.
  15. The SIOP Scientific Committee successfully allocated the selected abstracts to the SIOP 2024 Scientific Programme and notifications were sent out to all submitters. The Young Investigator Award announcements will follow early next week as well the GHN scholarship announcements in early July.
  16. The Open Forum took place on 6/13/2024 and was well received.


If you wish to join any of the SIOP Networks or Working Groups, please join them through SIOP CONNECT > Groups.


For your general SIOP Knowledge

  1. The SIOP Secretariat has developed a FAQ page to help with usage of SIOP CONNECT. If you need a refresher training on how to manage your group on SIOP CONNECT, please contact the SIOP Secretariat.
  2. SIOP CONNECT has opened a group with useful information for anyone attending the Hawaii Congress. Search for “Annual Congress” under the Groups in SIOP CONNECT and join!


Upcoming Congresses

  1. SIOP 2024 Congress (Hawaii) registration is now open. Early registration deadline is July 17, 2024!


If you have offered any member activities in June 2024 and this summary does not capture it, please update the Secretariat so that we can highlight your work in the future! We look forward to your activities and member engagement offerings in July 2024! Feel free to reach out if you need any help with your activities.