Dear SIOP Members, 

The SIOP Board of Directors have approved the establishment of a new SIOP Network – SIOP Survivorship Network. Please see the Terms of Reference here.

Membership to this new Network is open to SIOP members only. You can join this Network as a member through SIOP CONNECT.

The SIOP Survivorship Network aims to build a global network of interested healthcare professionals, address relevant issues across all resource settings and foster the development of resource-adapted, sustainable survivorship care, and will design and carry out work around:

  1. Promoting global awareness on survivorship after childhood cancer.
  2. Providing easy access to information about long-term follow-up guidelines applicable across all resource settings.
  3. Providing mentorship in establishing and expanding survivorship clinics to interested SIOP members.
  4. Conducting webinars and other educational initiatives on the practical aspects of establishing and expanding survivorship care.
  5. Fostering global survivorship research across all resource settings.
  6. Collaborating with international groups involved in survivorship care and research, as well as related groups with SIOP such as CCI, SIOP PPO Network, SIOP Nursing Network and Supportive Care Network.
  7. Increasing the representation of survivorship research in the annual SIOP Congress, and eventually developing a survivorship track.


Nominations for leadership positions with the SIOP Survivorship Network are welcome. You can nominate yourself or another SIOP member for either a Co-Chair or Steering Group Member of the SIOP Survivorship Network here by August 15, 2024, 12pm CEST. You can nominate yourself to one of the following positions: Co-Chair (2 open seats available) or Steering Group Member (4 open seats available).

Please be sure to review the Terms of Reference for this Network before you apply. Please note the time commitment required for the leadership positions. The leadership positions are open to SIOP members only.

Join This Network

You can join this Network and any other SIOP Network/Working Group by logging into SIOP CONNECT, going to GROUP, clicking on the Network/Working Group Name and then clicking on the JOIN button. For detailed guidance, please see this page with SIOP CONNECT Frequently Asked Questions. Once you join, you will start receiving all their communications, including future engagement and networking opportunities.