Dear SIOP Leaders,


Sincere thanks to our SIOP leaders for your hard work and dedication to SIOP and SIOP members. Please take a few minutes to see the variety of activities that has been developed and offered last month as well as a few updates and opportunities.


Updates on the Wonderful Work and Initiatives across the Society

  1. The SIOP SCN Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine SIG held an in-person workshop in Turin, Italy, on May 16-17, 2024.
  2. The GHN Palliative Care WG held an educational webinar on 5/6/2024 on “Providing Palliative Care for Children with Cancer: a Perspective from the Largest Lower-Middle Income Country, India”
  3. The SIOP Nutrition Network held an educational webinar on 5/2/2024 on “Reboot-Kids – an online, parent-led intervention to improve fruit and vegetable intake in childhood cancer survivors.” Watch the recording on the SIOP YouTube Channel.
  4. The Young SIOP Network held an online Annual Business Meeting on 5/20/2024 to advertise the multiple ways to be engaged with the Network.
  5. The Women Leaders Network released profiles of women leaders featured in the 2024 Almanac of Women Leaders in Paediatric Oncology in May: Mariko Kakazu, Jennifer Geel, Milena Villarroel, Crystal Mackall, Edith Grynszpancholc, Gwenda Anga-Lester, Patricia Blanc, and Laura Tan.
  6. The Supportive Care Network held a quarterly update meeting on 5/16/2024.
  7. The SIOP Epidemiology and Outcomes Network is receiving nominations for Co-Chair/Steering Group members. A webpage for this new Network was established on both SIOP CONNECT and on the website. Deadline is 15 June 2024.
  8. The Nursing Network developed an advocacy campaign “Advancing Equity and Advancing Care” to celebrate the International Nurses Day. The campaign released a number of campaign posts in May 2024. The CARE WG of the Nursing Network held an educational session on 5/28/2024 on “Efficiency of the Technology-Based “HomeCARE-Family EmPow” for Children with Cancer and Their Parents”.
  9. The Governance Committee met to review the SIOP Neutrality policy which was drafted by the Advocacy Committee.
  10. The PARC Committee held a meeting in May 2024 to discuss the scope of the 2nd RFP for the PARC Project
  11. As of today, SIOP members number 3,000+ people from 143 countries. We have surpassed 100% of our target membership number for 2024. Congratulations to the SIOP Membership Committee!
  12. The Advocacy Committee marked the World No Tobacco Day (May 31), sharing this year’s UICC campaign “Protecting children from tobacco industry interference” to protect future generations and ensure that tobacco use continues to decline”.
  13. The Advocacy Committee and the SIOP WHO NSA Committee represented SIOP at the World Health Assembly (WHA77) by drafting statements and attending various pre-meetings.
  14. The Essential Medicines WG, which is part of the WHO NSA Committee, drafted its TOR and is process of establishing a more formal partnership with the WHO Network “Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations Network (GAP-f)” to contribute to its strategic program and help shaping and implementing the global paediatric oncology agenda.
  15. SIOP Africa held a session on “How to Prepare and Present an Oral Abstract at SIOP Africa Congress” in May 2024.
  16. The SIOP Global Mapping Project is supporting a pre-congress workshop at the SIOP Africa 2024 Congress, is drafting its TOR an will be presenting its work at SIOP Asia 2024 Congress in Yokohama.
  17. The GHN Traditional and Complementary Medicine WG held an educational meeting on 29/05/2024.


If you wish to join any of the SIOP Networks or Working Groups, please join them through SIOP CONNECT > Groups.


For your general SIOP Knowledge

  1. The SIOP Secretariat has developed a FAQ page to help with usage of SIOP CONNECT. Did you know that you can search the Member Directory to see who in your country is a SIOP member, for example?
  2. Your WG/Network page on SIOP CONNECT has a Discussion Board function – feel free to come up with a discussion topic and ask the SIOP Secretariat for help in initiating this discussion board.


Upcoming Congresses

  1. SIOP 2024 Congress (Hawaii) registration is now open. Early registration deadline is July 17, 2024!
  2. Africa 2024 Congress (South Africa) registration is open.
  3. Asia 2024 Congress (Japan): registration  is open.
  4. Attendees of the SIOP Europe Congress and SIOP Asia Congress will receive 10% discounts when they register for the SIOP Annual Congress in Hawaii, USA. Discount codes will be emailed after the Europe and Asia Congresses take place.


Congratulations to the new SIOP Leaders: