SIOP Europe are delighted to announce the launch of EJC Paediatric Oncology (EJC PO). This is a new international, peer reviewed, online-only Gold Open Access journal and the Official Journal of SIOP Europe. The journal is a companion title to the highly respected European Journal of Cancer.

EJC PO focuses on all aspects of paediatric oncology and is currently soliciting paper submissions, special issue suggestions, and commentaries on the following topic areas such as haemato-oncology, solid tumours, brain tumours, surgery, AYA, immunotherapy, early clinical trials, etc. and SIOP Europe business.

  • There is no charge to publish in the journal until July 31, 2023. Discounts are applied to full length research papers, review articles, short communications, and case reports submitted.
  • Between August 2023 and July 2025, SIOP Europe Members benefit from a 60% discount on the Open Access Fee.
  • Between August 2025 and December 2031, SIOP Europe Members benefit from a 50% discount on the Open Access Fee.

Making this journal a success will require contributions from the European paediatric oncology community; therefore, we strongly encourage you to submit your papers to SIOP Europe’s new journal. Instructions for authors can be found here:

This is a great opportunity for the community to communicate their work and to promote knowledge sharing at an international level. The journal will help further unite the community and achieve the objectives defined in the SIOP Europe Strategic Plan. Together, let’s make this journal the reference for European childhood cancer.