Dr Paul RogersDear Friends & Colleagues,

2017 is halfway through and the Washington Congress gets closer. Your board is considering some new initiatives, some of which will require a vote by the membership:

Change in Membership Categories and Fees

Due to an arrangement with PBC the cost to SIOP of sending out PBC to all full members can be reduced for members of LIC & MICs. This saving can be passed on to the members of those countries and reduce their fees.

We are also adding some new categories of membership, such as offering an affiliation to SIOP for National Paediatric societies. We are redefining the definition of YI and In Training categories. We wish to encourage all allied health care workers in oncology to become associate members.

A notification of all these proposals will be sent out to the membership for approval


A reminder that any publication or other external communication from any SIOP committee or working group must be first submitted to the Publications committee for approval. This is to ensure that the SIOP name or logo is being used appropriately . The first and last author must be SIOP members.


A new network/committee has been formed to further the activities of those interested in Nutrition. There will be two working groups, one for PODC activities and one for promoting research in HICs. The nutrition network will be meeting on the Sunday afternoon at Washington. All interested in nutrition are invited. The board encourages special interest or discipline groups to form their own committees to further involve membership in SIOP activities.

SIOP Website

The website continues to evolve and we are continually adding content. We are reordering the educational content to make access easier. Please submit to our website any SIOP or PODC educational presentation that is undertaken via Cure4kids . All congress keynote lectures and symposiums will be recorded and placed on the website for subsequent perusal. Published abstracts will also be available on the website post congress. We do request that for all communications (minutes etc) from committees or working groups to be placed on the website. Any comments on improving the website are always appreciated.

Looking forward to a fun and productive congress in Washington.

All the best,

Signature PRogers

Paul Rogers (Secretary General)

Scott Howard ( Secretary General Elect)