Aayushi Khaneja (India)

The SIOP Global Health Network Psychosocial Wellbeing Working Group emerges from the awareness that psychological and socio-cultural issues particular to low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) are related to the delivery of medical therapy and outcomes. Moreover, the scale of priorities and possibilities regarding clinical research and interventions on psychosocial issues in LMIC is affected by the limited human, technical and material resources, and the particular cultural circumstances. Despite this, a committed force of professionals from multiple disciplines work exhaustively to improve their children’s treatment circumstances. We want to support these professionals’ work and encourage their efforts. Attention to patients’ psychosocial needs should be an integral part of medical protocols and culturally sensitive care delivery everywhere.


The WG strives to be a platform of encounter for professionals working in LMIC, in reducing the impact of psychosocial issues that can affect mortality/morbidity, and to improve the quality of life of the children (and their families) by promoting the multidisciplinary approach of psychosocial aspects in paediatric cancer treatment.