Dear SIOP Members,

We stand in solidarity with our SIOP members, paediatric and adolescent cancer patients and survivors, their families, all the healthcare professionals and residents of Beirut who have been impacted by Tuesday’s devastating tragedy at the nation’s port.

We are saddened to hear that many hospitals and health clinics are damaged or destroyed by the explosion at the port. This inevitably will impact Lebanese cancer patients’ access to healthcare services. We are heart-broken to know that 157 people have lost their lives, including parents of child cancer patients, and some of those injured include children with cancer at St. George Hospital. The most affected pediatric cancer units are those of St George Hospital and Lebanese Hospital “Geitaoui”.

We urge the international community to respond immediately to the urgent healthcare needs of Beirut’s citizens, including cancer childhood and adolescent patients and survivors, by providing medicine and health supplies, dispatching emergency medics, and providing psycho-social care and support. Any SIOP member, who is able to offer help, can contact the Lebanese Red CrossMSF, the International Medical Corps or any other agency responding to this emergency.

To all who are impacted, you are in our thoughts.

Kathy Pritchard-Jones

SIOP President