• Working Group-at-Large Meeting: Third Thursday of odd months, at 12 PM UTC or 7 AM (Central Standard Time or Memphis Time) or 5 PM (Pakistan time). In 2021, meetings are scheduled for May, July, September, and November.
  • Supportive Care Educational Events: Third Thursday of even months, at 12 PM UTC or 7 AM (Central Standard Time or Memphis Time) or 5 PM (Pakistan time). In 2021, meetings are scheduled for June, August, October, and September, and November.



The SIOP PODC Supportive Care Working Group (WG) focuses on improvement in the standard of supportive care particularly in the developing countries. At present, there are 150 members with representation from all around the globe.  Healthcare professionals including pediatric oncologists, nurses, dieticians and pharmacists are members of this WG. Main objectives of the group are:

  1. To promote better understanding of various aspects of supportive care amongst health care providers treating pediatric oncology patients
  2. To collaborate with other SIOP PODC Working Groups catering for supportive care (e.g. Nursing, Nutrition, Palliative Care, Training and Education)
  3. Research to find out the current trends of supportive care in lower middle income countries

To develop educational material/consensus guidelines for physicians, paramedics and caregivers of childhood cancer patients

Latest News

Current Activities

  1. Education and sharing of knowledge to improve supportive care services within lower middle income countries
  2. Collaborative efforts with other SIOP PODC Working Groups.

Recent Publications

Under process:

  • An abstract on recently conducted survey “Global immunization practices in childhood cancer patients” will be submitted for SIOP Cape Town Congress and will also be processed as working group publication.
  • Plan to formulate consensus guidelines on this subject with a special focus on resource limited settings

Recent Presentations

  1. “The Nurse’s Role in Supportive Care in LMIC: Challenges and Benefits”: Julia Challinor (USA), Rehana Punjwani (Pakistan), Glenn Mbah (Cameroon) and Karen Selwood (UK). Briefing of meeting/presentation is available at
  2. “Educating the Caregivers of Childhood Cancer Patients”: Dr. Mary Taj- Royal Marsden Hospital, London, United Kingdom. Recording of the meeting is available at
  1. “Immunization Strategies for Pediatric Cancer Patients”: Dr. Ahmed Naqvi- Hospital for SickKids Toronto, Canada. Recording of the meeting is available at