About SIOP – Global Supportive Care
The Supportive Care working group is a dynamic community of healthcare providers focusing on the environment of care elements to assure success in the management of cancer in children. Toxic complications and death are major obstacles during cancer treatment in low middle-income countries. Infections and bleeding are major causes of poor outcomes, especially among in impoverished nutritional status contributing to increased toxicities in these children. Infectious complications of cancer care are minimized by improving timely and effective infection care and prevention support. Safe and expediated use of blood products as well as nutritional augmentation play a vital role in improving cancer care. The Supportive Care Working Group’s goal and mission is to equip providers in resource limited settings with the knowledge to manage infectious complications, appropriate and safe use of blood products hence providing holistic care to their patients. In order to achieve this goal we collaborate extensively with other colleagues and groups within and outside the society to further our objectives and save the lives of children with cancer.
The Supportive Care Working Group members meets every two months to report on the progress in areas of engagement pertinent to the working group (i.e. infection control, blood safety, etc.) and to encourage presentations of studies and discussions of relevant topics affecting the care of children with cancer in their regions and countries.

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News@SIOP – September 2019 – PODC Supportive Care WG

Annexure 1- SIOP PODC Supportive Care Educational Meetings

Current Activities

  1. Education and sharing of knowledge to improve supportive care services within lower middle income countries
  2. Collaborative efforts with other SIOP PODC Working Groups.

Recent Publications

Under process:

  • An abstract on recently conducted survey “Global immunization practices in childhood cancer patients” will be submitted for SIOP Cape Town Congress and will also be processed as working group publication.
  • Plan to formulate consensus guidelines on this subject with a special focus on resource limited settings

Recent Presentations

  1. “The Nurse’s Role in Supportive Care in LMIC: Challenges and Benefits”: Julia Challinor (USA), Rehana Punjwani (Pakistan), Glenn Mbah (Cameroon) and Karen Selwood (UK). Briefing of meeting/presentation is available at
  2. “Educating the Caregivers of Childhood Cancer Patients”: Dr. Mary Taj- Royal Marsden Hospital, London, United Kingdom. Recording of the meeting is available at
  1. “Immunization Strategies for Pediatric Cancer Patients”: Dr. Ahmed Naqvi- Hospital for SickKids Toronto, Canada. Recording of the meeting is available at