SUCCOUR – Supportive Care for Children with Cancer in Africa

SUCCOUR started in 2019 and is a project of the same group as the Collaborative Wilms Tumour Africa Project. The vision is to give every child in Africa the best supportive care to be cured from cancer. We are currently doing a baseline evaluation of current practices and outcome in several important areas of supportive care, including malnutrition and nutritional support, febrile neutropenia and prevention of abandonment. Interventions will be chosen and implemented based on highest expected impact on child survival. Evaluation of impact will be compared with the baseline data. Nurses are key for good supportive care. Funding is distributed to participating centres for nurse’s capacity building. Additionally, monthly educational web meetings are being organised by Glenn Mbah, leader of the SUCCOUR nursing programme.

Towards Zero Percent Abandonment of Treatment

Towards zero percent abandonment is project which is started in Blantyre, Malawi in 2019. It aims to eliminate incomplete treatment. Incomplete treatment (abandonment of treatment) is a common cause of treatment failure in low income countries. Interventions include full cover of transport costs, free medical treatment, a tracking system to remind patients of appointments and more systematic and improved counselling of parents of the need to complete treatment. We aim to start this project in all centres participating in the Wilms Africa Project and to enable all parents to complete the treatment of their child.