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The field of Paediatric Oncology has been transformed by unstinted efforts of many exceptional women. These women have broken through the proverbial ‘glass ceilings’ and achieved great success in advancing our understanding of childhood cancer. The 2024 SIOP Almanac of Women Leaders profiles many such women leaders and seeks to celebrate and honour their contributions.

Today’s profile is of Dr. Raelene Endersby, a cancer scientist with extensive expertise in translational cancer research for paediatric brain cancers.

Read her story here:

And here is Dr. Raelene Endersby’s advice to those who follow in her footsteps:

“Being successful wasn’t just about putting in the most hours, working with the best people or being the smartest in the room. My advice is to focus on what you’re enjoying. Despite all the challenges, are you loving it? Do you get satisfaction, joy and fulfilment in each day, week, month? If you have passion for your work, it will get you through the many challenges thrown your way. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities, but don’t be afraid of a career change either.”

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