Dear SIOP members,

SIOP is calling upon its members to contribute to the mission of the Society and its collaborative work in paediatric oncology education, research and advocacy. SIOP is inviting nominations/self-nominations for the following Board-level position: Continental President Elect North America

The term will start in spring 2024 serving as President Elect under the guidance of our current SIOP Continental President Jeffrey Dome and take full office at the Annual Business Meeting during the SIOP 2024 Congress (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, October) for a 3 year term.
The position-holder is invited to attend SIOP Board of Directors meetings during their “elected” period as an observer.
NB:  the current SIOP Continental President, Jeffrey Dome is eligible to run for re-election for a second term.

SIOP Continental President Profile

  • Contribute to the global vision and agenda of SIOP ensuring that their members’ views are  considered as SIOP develops its strategic plans
  • Assure the global vision and agenda is implemented and translated in each continental agenda
  • Represent and advocate for SIOP members

In your continent

  • Advocate for access to care, education and research
  • Represent SIOP in the continent by interacting with relevant societies, e.g. professional and scientific organisations and by facilitating communication between stakeholders, e.g. healthcare workers, policy makers, parents’ organisations in the field of childhood cancer
  • Represent SIOP to junior and emerging oncology work force
  • Facilitate implementation of relevant strategies developed by SIOP. Be aware of opportunities and challenges relevant to SIOP strategies
  • Promote SIOP annual meeting and membership

View full role profile here.

Nominations are an important part of the SIOP governance process, and everyone can contribute — from the newest to most senior members of our society.

Candidates are proposed by a Nominating Committee*, which will receive suggestions from our North American members of the society with voting rights and in good standing.
Please make sure the proposed candidate is domiciled in North America and a SIOP member in good standing and has accepted their nomination to run for election.
Being a SIOP member in good standing means that the candidate has paid their SIOP membership dues at the time of submission of their nomination.
If you wish to check your membership status, please contact
*Nominating Committee comprises of the current SIOP North America Board which recommends their proposed slate to the SIOP Board of Directors to run for election.

Announcement Call for Nominations: March 9, 2024
Deadline for Nominations: April 6, 2024 (12:00 noon CEST)
Selection of Candidates by Nomination Committee
Announcement of Candidates & Online Voting: April/May 2024
Result announcement: By email and formally at the Annual Business Meeting during the 56th  Annual Congress (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Oct 17 – 20, 2024)

Candidates can either self-nominate or be nominated. All candidates are then reviewed by SIOP North America Board which recommends their proposed slate to the SIOP Board of Directors to run for election.
Click here to submit a nomination/self-nomination.

SIOP is committed to creating a Board of Directors with a diversity of experience and perspectives, including diversity with respect to ethnicity, age, gender, and areas of expertise.

We look forward to receiving your nominations! We strongly count on your support in helping us shape the future of the Society.

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Dome (SIOP Continental President North America)

Adam Esbenshade (SIOP Continental Secretary General North America)

Rejin Kebudi (SIOP Secretary-General)