Children’s Cancer Research Fund has announced two grant opportunities: Eliminating Disparities in Childhood Cancer & Health After Cancer: Childhood Cancer Survivorship Research Award.

Elimination Disparities in Childhood Cancer
With this new research award, CCRF wishes to support research that reduces health disparities or inequities in childhood cancer incidence, presentation, access to care, outcome of therapy including adverse event rates, or survivorshipHealth disparities are defined here as “systemic, plausibly avoidable health difference adversely affecting socially disadvantages groups.” (Braveman et al. 2011). CCRF will consider disparities based on race/ethnicity, sex or gender, socioeconomic status, language, geography, or other social determinants of health, so long as their evaluation is supported by the literature. Proposals that identify modifiable risk factors, elaborate mechanisms of disparities or inequities, or which plausibly propose to reduce them, will have greater priority for funding than proposals than simply describe them.

Health After Cancer: Childhood Cancer Survivorship Research Award
This award is intended to shape the future of cancer survivorship treatment and care. We invite applications that focus on improving the quality and quantity of life for childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer survivors. Our goal is to support development of interventions that prevent, minimize and address the late effects of cancer therapies. Proposals to develop drugs or modalities meant to mitigate late effects, as the sole or primary focus, are eligible. Proposals to develop therapeutic approaches (new drugs, modalities, or regimens for treating cancer) are not eligible to apply. In addition, projects that propose to translate basic research into interventions, regardless of whether these take place during active therapy or later, are encouraged. Observational studies are welcome but are a lower priority, with the exception of those describing late effects (or early signs of late effects) among children receiving novel agents or therapies.

Schedule for both awards
LOI Submission Open:
Thursday, June 8, 2023
LOI Submission Deadline:
Thursday, July 6, 2023; noon central time
LOI Applicants Notified:
Thursday, July 20, 2023
Application Due Date:
Thursday, August 31, 2023; noon central time
Applicants Notified on a rolling basis starting:
January, 2024