International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD), Date: February 4th SUN, 2024   14:00-16:00 JST (Tokyo)

Let’s save the lives of children with cancer in the world!

〜No one left behind〜

Venue: Hotel New Otani SAGA, Japan

Organizers:     NGO Magokoro Organization for Childhood Cancer (MOCC)

International Lions Club 337-C Area

Co-organizers: SIOP, APHOG, NGO-Purple Songs Can Fly Japan

 Free Registartion:                               

Opening Remark:       Yoshiuki Koga (International Lions Club 337-C)

Activity Report:             Akira Nakagawara (APHOG & MOCC), “Save and care for the children with cancer in Asia”

Introduction of New Supporter:

“NPO Purple Songs Can Fly Japan”- Toshimitsu Koga, President, Anita Cruse, Texas Children’s Hospital

Asian Report on Childhood Cancer:

“Hope for the children with cancer 〜Through activity in Vietnam〜”- Kazuyo Watanabe, NPO ACCL

Asian Global Dialog (Online):   Mariko Kakazu, Japan Heart (From Cambodia); Kazuyo Watanabe, NPO ACCL (From Japan)

Show Time with Dances and Music:

“Teens Musical SAGA”  ~Story of Life Musical~

“Joyful Voices in Kyushu”  ~Gospel for Children~

Closing Remark:                   Hiroki Hori, SIOP Asia & APHOG