May 12, 2023 is International Nurses Day in commemoration of Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

In recognition of pediatric oncology nurses around the world, the SIOP Nursing Network will release a poster each week during the month of May to celebrate our core values of global community, interprofessional collaboration, clinical excellence and shared learning.

Download the weekly posters below, and help amplify our voice and celebrate the SIOP Nursing Network.

Week 1: Global Community

We are a global community of nurses from diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages, and countries who share a passion in our care for children/adolescents with cancer and their families. Each member has a unique place and voice in our community.

Week 2: Interprofessional Collaboration

We foster international nursing and interprofessional collaborations. We value the coming together of diverse expertise, experiences, and perspectives to advance paediatric oncology nursing globally.

Week 2: Happy International Nurses Day!

We envision a world where all children and adolescents with cancer receive specialised nursing care.

Week 3: Clinical Excellence

We are setting the standard for clinical excellence in paediatric oncology nursing practice globally.

Week 4: Shared Learning

We learn from and listen to one another, as our unique perspectives and experiences benefit all. As a network, we promote shared learning opportunities through ongoing professional development, scholarly dissemination, and mentorship.