In March/April 2023, we celebrate the many women around the world who work in Paediatric Oncology!

We are thankful to all women across all professions in the field of paediatric oncology, who are tirelessly working with childhood cancer patients and their families! To celebrate, the SIOP Women Leaders Network is sharing the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learnt along the way from women leaders in paediatric oncology to help inspire the next generation.

Meet Prof. Susan Cohn, neuroblastoma researcher from the USA





Meet Dr. Nisreen Amayiri, neuro-oncologist from Jordan





Meet Prof. Tracey O’Brien, paediatric oncologist and transplant physician from Australia





Meet Ms. Ana Lygia Pires Melaragno, a paediatric oncology nurse educator from Brazil





Meet Dr. Jeannette Parkes, a radiation oncologist from South Africa





Meet Ms. Jeanette Hawkins, a lead nurse from the UK





Meet Dr. Purna Kurkure, a paediatric oncologist from India





Meet Prof. Martha Grootenhuis, a psychologist from the Netherlands





Meet Prof. Michelle Haber, a childhood cancer researcher from Australia





Meet Ms. Janice Nuuhiwa, a prominent nurse leader from the USA





Read about Dr. Audrey Evans (1925-2022), a trailblazing neuroblastoma expert and childhood cancer advocate from UK/USA




Meet Dr. Nubia Mendonça, a paediatric oncologist from Brazil





Meet Dr. Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu, a paediatrician and childhood cancer advocate from Nigeria





Meet Ms. Salma Choudhury, an avid childhood cancer advocate from Bangladesh





For more info on the SIOP Women Leaders Network and its activities, please follow our announcements on this webpage here.