The IPSO Executive Council is glad to inform the creation of a new recognition to be awarded every two years to IPSO members.

Jack Plaschkes Medal

The Plaschkes Medal commemorates Jack Plaschkes – Founding 1st President of IPSO est. 1991.  The award marks outstanding contribution(s) to paediatric surgical oncology.  The award which will be made at the IPSO Congress in person, represents IPSO’s highest honour.

Note – IPSO Executive Council reserve the rights to award the Plaschkes Medal on a periodic basis only not necessarily every year at congress

How to Nominate a Candidate for the Jack Plaschkes IPSO Medal

To make a nomination please submit the name of the individual you wish to nominate to the IPSO Secretary in strictest confidence with a short statement of why you feel the individual is worthy of consideration for the award including a brief biography of the candidate.

ALL nominations must be supported by two proposers who are IPSO full members in good standing.  ‘

Closing Date : August 15th 2024

Send nominations to: