A welcome note from the Chairs
by Fiona Schulte and Lori Wiener

Welcome to the tenth Issue of the POPPI Newsletter: Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals/Providers International!
The goals of POPPI are to stimulate international communication among professionals with a diversity of clinical and research backgrounds in order to foster collaboration in clinical care, research and education that relate to pediatric psycho-oncology, and to share resources, training opportunities, ongoing research, and upcoming events in the field of pediatric psycho-oncology.
Our hope is that this newsletter will provide information which will bring our field closer together and help each of us to deliver the highest quality of care to youth with cancer and their families.
Since our last POPPI newsletter, we continue to stand with our colleagues across the globe impacted by the devastation of wars. Learning about specific steps that we can take to ameliorate suffering is part of our role as providers in our global community. We have also all been impacted by COVID-19 within our own lives and in the lives of the patients and famiies we care for.
Fortunately, the world is in a better place in terms of COVID at this time. We have an opportunity to see one another again in person at conferences, which is a true gift. Updates about upcoming meetings can be found on Page 5. Increasingly we are providing care in person, versus predominately through telehealth though our work settings and how we practice has changed for many of us.




Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place for those you care for and for each other.



The POPPI Steering Committee

Fiona Schulte (IPOS peds SIG & SIOP PPO)

Lori Wiener, PhD (Chair APOS peds SIG)

Sasja Schepers, PhD (Editor)

Christina Signorelli, PhD (Editor)

Petra Buursma, MSc (Secretary)