Dear SIOP Network, Committee and WG leaders,

Big thanks to our SIOP leaders for their hard work and dedication to SIOP and their Network/ Cmt/ WG members. Please take a few minutes to see the variety of work that has been developed and offered last month as well as a few updates and opportunities.

Updates on the Wonderful Work and Initiatives across the Society

  1. The Nursing Network’s CARE WG held its 2nd education session in 2024, “Best Practices for Writing an Abstract,” on 21/2/2024!
  2. The Nutrition Network held an educational session on 2/28/2024 focusing on “The evolution of nutritional care in children and young people with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.”
  3. The Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine SIG, of the Supportive Care Network, held an educational session on “Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in childhood cancer.”
  4. In Feb, the SIOP Governance Committee approved the Baseline Standards SIG TOR and requested all GHN Working Groups to update their TORs. One is complete; 6 are pending.
  5. A draft GHN SWOT analysis tool was developed by SIOP Leaders and prepared for dissemination to GHN and selected thought leaders; We are currently incorporating feedback from WG leaders.
  6. The SIOP Board of Directors approved the establishment of a new Network on Epidemiology; the next step is to draft a TOR and to open the process for self-nominations for the SG members for this Network. Please watch out the SIOP Weekly Bulletin.
  7. The PARC Committee heard updates on progress from the 4 partner cooperative groups which received PARC Funding. You can watch their update here.
  8. As of today, SIOP member renewal campaign has resulted in 1113+ payments (apprx 160,000 EUR). As of today, SIOP members for 2024 are 2,200+. This is an excellent start to 2024! We have surpassed 73% of our target membership number for 2024.
  9. The SIOP 2024 Open Forum will take place today, March 1 at 1pm UTC, hosted by SIOP President and Secretary-General. This is your chance to speak directly with the top SIOP leaders. Please register here.
  10. SIOP Oceania sent out a newsletter to its members with recent and upcoming activities.
  11. The Membership Committee saw an update on the Call-for-Dues Campaign for 2024 and examined recent trends. As of today, SIOP member renewal campaign has resulted in 1113+ payments (160,000+ EUR). As of today, SIOP members for 2024 are 2,200+. This is an excellent start to 2024! We have surpassed 71% of our target membership number for 2024. Usually, membership dues constitute 1/3 of our operating budget and are important to running the Society.
  12. The Soc Media Team of the Young SIOP Network ran an excellent campaign highlighting the International Day of the Girls and Women in Science! This was very well received by members and we saw much engagement on soc media.
  13. The SIOP Global Mapping Programme launched its first map on 2/22/2024. Maps provide innovative solutions to childhood cancer issues. Watch the launch recording here.
  14. The Women Leaders Network complied the first few profiles of women leaders featured in the 2024 Almanac of Women Leaders in Paediatric Oncology and will release the first one on March 8, the International Day of the Woman.
  15. On 2/15/2024, the Advocacy Committee together with CCI marked ICCD with a new campaign which was well received. Access the ICCD Toolkit and campaign info here.

Upcoming Congresses

  1. SIOP 2024 Congress (Hawaii) abstract submission and registration are now open.
  2. Africa 2024 Congress (South Africa) abstract submission and registration are open.
  3. Asia 2024 Congress (Japan): abstract submission and registration  are open.

Congratulations to:

  • PPO leadership positions: Chiara Besani & Lori Weiner (SG members), and Lisa Kahalley (Co-Chair-Elect)
  • Nutrition Network leadership positions: Amy Lovell & Raquel Revuelta Iniesta (SG members)
  • Many other nominations and elections processes are ongoing and results will be shared in March 2024

For your general SIOP knowledge

  1. SIOP has a YouTube Channel – Network and WG leaders who offer educational sessions are encouraged to add their recordings to the YouTube Channel; please be sure to obtain permission from all speakers and send the Secretariat the mp4 file of the recording. Videos are organized by playlists.
  2. SIOP CONNECT has a photo feature – we find that members reach out to WG/Network/Cmt leaders who have photos on their profiles more easily and more often; it’s easy to add a photo to your profile.

If you have offered any member activities in February 2024 and this summary does not capture it, please update the Secretariat so that we can highlight your work in the future! We look forward to your activities and member engagement offerings in March 2024!

If the SIOP Secretariat can support you with anything in your SIOP initiatives, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Warm regards,

Tessie Laub on behalf of the SIOP Secretariat