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Title: From Isolation to Integration in Global Pediatric Oncology Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine

From: Emma Verwaaijen, Pia Delano, Abu Sidhanee


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Purpose/rationale for survey

The SIOP Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Special Interest Group (RPM-SIG) has the aim to support global improvement of rehabilitation services for childhood cancer patients and survivors, by working towards defining best practices, developing educational opportunities, promoting and prioritizing research, and advocating for pediatric oncology rehabilitation worldwide. The pressing need is to unite RPM professionals, build a strong international network and initiate collaborative efforts aimed at improving global rehabilitation practices. In this project we have set the following objective: Providing an overview of the current pediatric oncology rehabilitation strategies, to define pediatric oncology rehabilitation and its providers, to define short- and long-term goals, and to identify and prioritize research gaps in pediatric oncology rehabilitation globally. To achieve this, we will use a survey method and a two-day, strategic planning session to reach consensus on the definition, current state, and perspectives of global pediatric cancer rehabilitation. Prior to this meeting, we will perform a first survey round to get an overview of current pediatric oncology strategies used globally. In our strategic planning session, we will have structured discussions in focus groups to define the SIOP RPM-SIG’s short- and long-term objectives, to develop a definition of “pediatric oncology rehabilitation”, and to identify and prioritize research gaps in pediatric oncology rehabilitation globally. Through our network, we will gain valuable insights into different rehabilitation strategies employed in the pediatric oncology field worldwide, unraveling their specific expertise, challenges, and roles within different healthcare settings.


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