Dear Young SIOP Network Members,

The Steering Group of the Young SIOP Network is already looking forward with great anticipation to this fall’s Annual Congress in Ottawa, Canada. Our Education Day planning is in full force! This year’s programme will feature not one, but two(!) group sessions with other Networks, our annual Expert Lunch, and an invited talk by our future Rising Star winner! We look forward to sharing a sneak peak at our programme and registration details for the Expert Lunch and our annual Collaborative Event in the coming months.

Our Social Media group is highly active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN – follow us to learn more. Our Membership Engagement group is brainstorming new ways to help you feel connected to the Young SIOP Network year-round. Do you have any ideas? Please get in touch!! We are always excited to hear from new members and get you involved in projects.

See you in Ottawa in October!

Your Young SIOP Network’s Steering Group: 

Mr. Korede Akindele (Nigeria); Dr. Sarah Cohen-Gogo (France, Canada); Dr. Erin Peckham-Gregory (USA); Dr. Louise Guolla (Canada); Dr. Gabriela Villanueva (Argentina); Dr. Cielle Stapleton (Canada)