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The SIOP PODC Nursing Working Group promotes the key role that nurses play in cancer care for children and young people, and aims to both support and learn from nurses working in developing countries. Our current membership comes largely, but also Asia and Africa, Latin America as well as from Europe and North America. We are always seeking new members, particularly from countries with limited resources. We have members who can communicate in a range of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and French, but we strive for additional language diversity. The Nursing Working Group acts as a resource for other PODC Working Groups, providing a focus for cross‐disciplinary interaction and collaboration. We are therefore working to ensure there is a nurse member on each of those groups. We have established links between the PODC Nursing Working Group and key initiatives both within, and outside of SIOP that promote nursing in countries with limited resources. Our main goal is to partner and advocate with nurses and healthcare teams world-wide to improve the nursing care of children with cancer.

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20 Stories from 2020: Pediatric Oncology Nurses in the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife

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Video 1: Pediatric Oncology Nursing during COVID-19

Video 2: 20 Stories for 2020: Part I

Video 3: 20 Stories for 2020: Part II

Video 4: 20 Stories from 2020: Pediatric Oncology Nurses in the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife (Conclusion)

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Nursing Conference in Cape Town, South Africa

The Nursing Conference was well attended in Cape Town, South Africa. Numerous excellent presentations and posters were presented by nursing members of the PODC Nursing Committee which can be accessed on the SIOP website by members.

Pre-Conference education day:

Topic: palliative Care program.

The list of the presentations: please click here

Projects and activities

The main goals for the PODC Nursing Working Group for 2015 – 2016 is to increase membership and promote collaboration and networking throughout the year.  We have developed project groups to work on several important activities through out the year. The 4 main working groups are Baseline Standard, Pediatric Oncology Nurse Day, Nursing Education Repository and Evidence-Based Practice Group.

  • Involvement and mentoring of nurses to submit abstracts to next year’s conference in Dublin and for those applying for the My Child Matter Awards, have created and uploaded list of mentors on the site now encouraging nurses to submit abstract and apply for grant.
  • Pediatric Oncology Nurses Day Poster, Nadine Puzicha & Pearl Semetsa are working on the ideas to create poster for 2016.
  • Baseline nursing standards -Survey, Lisa Morrisey, Michele Casey & Sara Day have developed the questioner which is now circulated for validation.
  • Nursing educational and training materials for the PODC Education and Training Website. Rehana Punjwani and Arifa Khattak are team lead for this task the host for the repository is identified, author’s permission for submission to the repository is ready .Two modules will be ready to be uploaded by the end of March 2016.

We have also established monthly meetings on the Cure4Kids site with both a business update and an educational component.  Educational topics have included.

  • Pediatric Oncology Nursing- Breaking Ground and Shaping Policy Lorna Renner MD and Joy Oppong-Ayisi RN (Ghana) 14 Jan 2016; 20:00
  • Abstracts, Presentations, & Posters” by Emily Browne, DNP, RN, CPNP, Director of Professional Development & Advanced Practice, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 11 Feb 2016; 20:00
  • Supportive care in LMIC: Nurse’s Role at a Glance PODC Nursing Working Group Meeting by Rehana Punjwani (Pakistan) and Glenn Mbah (Cameroon) 03 Mar 2016;

Recent publications

Development of Baseline Standards for Providing Paediatric Oncology Nursing Care in Low- and Middle-income Countries by Day, S., Challinor, J., Hollis, R., Abramovitz, L., Hanaratri, Y. and Punjwani, R. CANCER CONTROL (2015): 111