The GHN Nursing Working Group (WG) aims to uplift nurses by creating international collaboration and educational opportunities for nurses from around the globe to improve pediatric oncology care. This WG assists nurses in playing an important role in the life of children, their families and their communities by providing optimal care. We are a diverse group coming together from various parts of world with a mission to enhance pediatric oncology nursing care, thus creating a platform for sharing our diversities, enhancing and upgrading our knowledge and improvising care depending on our own cultural settings.


The GHN Nursing WG collaborates with various other SIOP Networks, Committees and WGs to achieve inter-disciplinary collaboration. Our main goal is to partner and advocate with nurses and healthcare teams worldwide to improve the nursing care of children with cancer. Promoting the nursing role, especially in limited-resource settings, is key to achieving this goal.

The key activities include:

  • Involvement and mentoring of nurses to submit abstracts to the next SIOP Congress
  • Baseline nursing standards
  • Nursing educational and training materials and sessions

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