The objectives of the SIOP PODC nutrition working group are:

  1. Education & Training:  Establish and create nutrition resources and training programs for institutions to learn about nutrition assessment and intervention.
  2. Research: Perform research to further understand the prevalence of under- and over-nutrition, examine nutrition indices classifying nutrition status, and examine the efficacy of interventions in LMIC.
  3. Collaboration: Facilitate research and educational collaborations, mentoring (study design, implementation, and analysis), and scientific communication between HIC and LMIC.
  4. Advocacy: Assist in the identification of funding and resources to improve access to nutrition resources and support for nutrition interventions.

Current Activities

Monthly educational meetings and clinical discussions

Collaborative research projects

Seek collaboration within the nutrition group for new research opportunities

Research studies ongoing in Asia, Brazil, Central America, South Africa

Planned Nutritional workshops in Ghana (2021) & Uganda (2022)

Information, documents, events and upcoming meetings from the Nutrition working group can be accessed at: https://cancerpointe.com/nutrition/

Nutrition Meeting Minutes