The SIOP Nursing Network launched the first Quality Improvement (QI) Nursing Scholars Program in early 2023. The Program teaches the principles of QI and is designed to provide healthcare providers with essential skills to implement QI in their clinical settings. Four QI Nurse Scholars were chosen to lead interdisciplinary teams at their own institutions in the development and implementation of a QI project designed to improve clinical care. The four projects, mentored by QI nurse experts within SIOP, will be presented at the 2023 SIOP Annual Congress’ Nursing Program in Ottawa, Canada.


Gulraiz Rafiq from Pakistan led a four-member interdisciplinary team on a project to ease the orientation and waiting times of paediatric oncology patients receiving treatment in a day care setting. By implementing strategies such as installing an LED screen, recording instructions, painting colored lines on the floor, and educating staff, patient orientation within the clinic improved. Our goal is to reduce waiting times by 30 minutes for over 80% of patients, and over 90% of patients and families arrived at the correct location for care. Gulraiz stated, “the QI SIOP Nurse Scholars Program had a profound impact on my professional growth and skills development. Through this Program, I gained a deeper understanding of quality improvement methodologies, project management, and interdisciplinary collaboration.”


Mavis Obuoh-Evans from Ghana led a four-member interdisciplinary team to implement the paediatric early warning signs (PEWS) assessment scale at the paediatric haematology oncology unit/emergency ward. The project trained a total of 39 Nurses/Nurse Residents and 24 Doctors on using the PEWS tool. Many students rotating within the units also received onsite training on the use of PEWS. Through PEWS monitoring, care was escalated for those requiring it in a timely manner. When asked how the QI Scholars’ program impacted her professionally Mavis stated, “this Program gave me more insight on building effective teams and leveraging on the strengths of each member to ensure the success of our project.”


 Wendy Eyiah-Mensah from Ghana led a four-member interdisciplinary team to improve intravenous fluid monitoring and documentation among 31 nurses on the paediatric oncology ward. Wendy stated the impact of the QI Scholar project at her institution, “made the 31 nurses pay extra attention to patients when it comes to IV fluid management (documentation and monitoring). I gained knowledge on how to implement a QI project.”  Wendy’s project will continue to move forward with the next step to create an IV monitoring checklist that can be easily used by the nurses.



Preeti Dabas from India led a five-member interdisciplinary team to develop and implement a paediatric oncology onboarding nursing orientation program to improve nursing skills on the ward. Eleven nurses are participating in the paediatric oncology onboarding education program. All nurses have completed the pre-assessment and are now completing the curriculum. Preeti stated the QI Scholars Program “helped facilitate successful program implementation and ensured new nurses received a foundational orientation.” Preeti stated the Program taught her, “team building skills, leadership skills, and supported networking with mentors and nurses around the world.”



2023 SIOP Nursing QI Scholars Mentor Teams  (Cohort 1)
Project Title Team Mentors
Easing the Orientation and Waiting Times of Paediatric Oncology Patients Receiving Treatment in a Day Care Setting Gulraiz Rafiq (lead), Sarah Junaid, Bashir Ahmed Khan, Sadia Muhammad (Pakistan) Dr. Marilyn Hockenberry
Implementation Of Paediatric Early Warning Scores at The Paediatric Haematology Oncology Unit/Emergency Ward of Garh Mavis Obuoh-Evans (lead), Nihad Salifu, Rosemary Quansah, Patricia Boamah (Ghana) Dr. Karen Gibbs
Improving Intravenous Fluid Monitoring and Documentation Among Nurses on the Paediatric Oncology Ward of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Wendy Eyiah-Mensah (lead), Evelyn Owiredu, Lily Gloria Tagoe, Doris Darko (Ghana) Ms. Lisa Morrissey

Dr. Glen Mbah

Paediatric Oncology New On-boarding Nursing Orientation and Post-orientation Practices: Improvising Skills and Implementation of SOPs. Preeti Dabas (lead), Surya Sukumaran, Vincy VV, Payal Malhotra, Ayushi Khaneja, Gauri Kapoor (India) Dr. Sara Day

Ms. Rehana Punjwani

Ms. Linda Abramovitz