SIOP Nursing Network: Call for Quality Improvement (QI) Nurse Scholar Applications 2024

The SIOP Nursing Network is calling for applications from SIOP nurses to apply to the SIOP Nursing Quality Improvement Program. This 11-month program is designed to foster development of team projects to promote excellence in care of the child with cancer and their families. Development of a QI program will provide an organized approach to integrating evidence-based practice that will have an ultimate benefit of improving care for children with cancer and their families. This program supports multidisciplinary QI teams, led by a QI nurse scholar, at childhood cancer centers around the world.

QI Program Overview

The QI program begins with an online MOODLE course on the Fundamentals of Quality Improvement (Feb-April 2024). During the online course, SIOP QI Nurse Scholars develop a QI project workplan with their onsite team. Upon completion of the workplan, QI Nurse Scholars and their teams will work with a mentor to implement the QI project at their site (May-December 2024). QI Scholars will participate in a SIOP Nursing Webinar at the completion of the program to present their projects.

QI Online Course Objectives

  • Review essential attributes of quality Improvement and its role in healthcare systems.
  • Explore QI designs to improve care for a cancer/hematologic problem.
  • Learn how to write SMART specific aims.
  • Evaluate ways to influence change to improve care quality (how to move change).
  • Define key components for measuring practice change.
  • Study the RE-AIM framework for evaluating QI effectiveness.

QI Scholars Mentorship

During months May-December the first PDSA cycle of the project will be implemented with the support of an assigned SIOP nurse mentor. The projects will be presented at a special SIOP Nursing Webinar in January 2025.

Eligibility requirements (all must be met below)

  • SIOP Nurse Member (SIOP will check whether you are a SIOP member in 2023 and 2024)
  • Minimum of 5 Years Pediatric Oncology Nursing experience
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing
  • Internet Access (This is required because the QI in Health Care course MUST be completed online)
  • Ability to attend ZOOM QI Scholar program meetings from May-December 2024
  • Availability of 2-3 team members to participate from their site (at least one non-nursing member)
  • Site administrator approval to conduct a QI project at your institution

 Application Due Date

Applications are due by December 15, 2023, at 12pm noon CET.  The application, CV or bio sketch of the Nurse QI Scholar applicant, and one letter for a direct supervisor is required (the letter must confirm support of implementation of the QI project at your site). Applicants must confirm they have internet access to complete the online course. Applicants must be SIOP members in 2023 and 2024. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by email on by January 15, 2024.

Budget Award

If you have costs associated with your project and your institution is willing to support you, please indicate that in the application and letter of support. That allows you to receive the training as a SIOP QI Nursing Scholar and assists us with funding more  nurses in countries who have limited resources.  The QI Scholars program will support up to $700 based on the project’s needs. The award will be given after completion of the online QI in Health Care Course and approval of the QI Workplan by program faculty and members.