Dear Young SIOP members of North America,

The leadership group of the Young SIOP committee in North America (YSN-NA) would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and let you know some of the things we have been up to. Firstly, we have collaborated on the development of a Workshop which will take place at ASPHO in Seattle on April 6th, 2024. This workshop will be focused on Professional Development and benefits of membership within societies such as SIOP, ASPHO, and beyond. We hope to see some of you there! We also hope to use this group within SIOP Connect to serve as a space for questions, discussion, networking and more. Invite your friends to join us!

We are aiming to establish additional online sessions for networking, professional development, and education targeted to Young SIOP-NA members. This is in the planning phase and we are looking for volunteers to help us! As such, we would like to invite interested parties to submit their applications for one or both of the following opportunities:

1) Project Group Opportunity

The leadership group of YSN-NA has proposed that we develop and offer 1-2 online sessions per year focused on such topics as professional and career development, ‘meet-the-expert’ sessions, and leadership. It is likely that one or more of these sessions will be run in collaboration with other working groups in SIOP North America, such as the Education and Training or Scientific groups. The target audience will be Young SIOP members in North America, though we will likely extend the invitation more broadly to our colleagues in SLAOP to foster ongoing connection and networking.

We are seeking 5-6 individuals from a broad clinical background (ie, all allied health professionals and researchers) with an interest in helping formulate these sessions for the coming 2 years. Tasks and responsibilities include identifying and selecting specific topics, objectives, speakers, dates, opportunities for collaboration, and more. We are very much in the brainstorming phase and would love to hear your ideas! You will work collaboratively with the other project group members and 2-3 members of the leadership group, reporting back to the leadership group at large. Experience in organizing similar sessions is an asset but not required. Good written and spoken English language skills required. This is a non-remunerated position.

2) Leadership Position, Nursing Liaison

The leadership of our committee in NA is comprised of a chair (Louise Guolla), vice-chair (Adriana Fonseca), four members at large (Callum Mullen, Katrina O’Halloran, Perri Tutelman, vacant), and a senior advisor (Justin Baker). Our leadership team is collectively responsible for organizing and maintaining YSN-NA activities, supporting networking opportunities, and collaborating with the global Young SIOP Network. Our full terms of reference are available upon request. Each member also serves as liaison to the other committees within SIOP-NA. We are currently seeking a Nurse or Advanced Practice Nurse/Nurse Practitioner to join our leadership group and act as liaison to the Nursing Committee within SIOP-NA. Experience with the SIOP Nursing Network or other SIOP groups is an asset but not required. Good written and spoken English language skills required. This is a non-remunerated position.


Please note, for both opportunities, only Young SIOP members in good standing may participate. This includes up-to-date membership fees for 2024 and being born in 1983 or later. If you are older than that, please explain specifically why you feel you merit inclusion within the Young SIOP Network (i.e., interruptions or delays in training); this justification will be considered and reflected back to the greater SIOP membership team to ensure your membership status is correct.

Please send a maximum one-page letter which introduces yourself and indicates your interest and relevant experience to <> by Wednesday, January 31st. Successful candidates will be notified as soon as possible. If you have any questions or comments, or if this timeline is too restrictive for you, please feel free to reach out by email any time.


Thank you for your interest,

Dr Louise Guolla, Chair

Dr Adriana Fonseca, Vice-Chair

Dr Katrina O’Halloran

Mr Callum Mullen

Dr Perri Tutelman