Congratulations to Dr. François Doz (France) on being elected at the Chair of the SIOP Education and Training Committee! Dr. Doz is a longtime member of SIOP and is the Deputy Director for Research, Innovation and Training, at the Oncology Center SIREDO, Institut Curie. Among other things, Dr. Doz will lead the further development and finalization of the SIOP Education Strategy. Dr. Doz starts his 3-year position in Oct 2023. Dr. Doz takes the leadership of the Committee from Dr. Muhammad Saghir Khan (Pakistan) who skillfully led the Committee since its inception in 2021.

The SIOP Education & Training Committee spearheads the work on Goal 3 of the SIOP Strategy 2021-2025 (Providing Education and Training), and strives to make opportunities for continued education and training for the entire SIOP community. For recent accomplishments and offerings of the Education and Training Committee, please visit the CEDAR page here.