What is ICCD?

International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) is a global collaborative campaign, held annually on February 15, to raise awareness about childhood cancer and its unique challenges. While demonstrating support for children and adolescents with cancer, survivors and their families worldwide, ICCD also highlights the importance of community participation and support in tackling challenges related to childhood cancer.

CCI and SIOP want to see a world where the challenges faced by children with cancer, the survivors and their families, are well understood, appreciated and consequently addressed by key stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is for every child to have equal access to the best treatment and care.

ICCD 2024-2026

Over the next 3 years, the ICCD campaign aims to address the challenges faced by childhood cancer patients, caregivers, survivors and health care professionals worldwide.

  • Year 2024 – Unveiling Challenges:
    The first year of the campaign will focus on exposing the diverse challenges and inequalities encountered by those navigating the complex landscape of childhood cancer. Through a global call to action, we will invite everyone to share their experiences and insights by submitting digital postcards outlining the hurdles they face.
  • Year 2025 – Inspiring Action:
    Building on the insights gathered in the first year, the second phase of the campaign shifts its focus to actionable solutions! We will delve into the collaborative efforts and initiatives emerging in different regions to overcome the challenges identified in year one. This year aims to highlight and exchange innovative measures.
  • Year 2026 – Demonstrating Impact:
    In the final year, the campaign will address the impact of the collective endeavors of the global community to overcome challenges and reduce inequalities. By showcasing the results of the tangible outcomes, success stories, and positive changes shared in year two, we aim to demonstrate the potential to advance care and inspire a collective commitment to eradicating obstacles and inequities in the realm of childhood cancer care and research.

This campaign is adaptable. Each region is encouraged to tailor this campaign to it’s own  unique needs, ensuring relevance and resonance at the local level. The three-year structure provides a framework for sustained impact, creating a lasting legacy of awareness, action, and positive change in the landscape of childhood cancer care.

ICCD 2024 Toolkit

This year, CCI Europe developed the concept of the campaign and the toolkit, with support from CCI and SIOP. This toolkit will help you understand the 3-year campaign and how to implement it from 2024. It will be translated in the 6 official WHO languages but if your region would benefit from an additional language, we can provide an automated translation, if you can commit to reviewing, editing and approving it for dissemination. For translation requests, please contact: office@ccieurope.eu.

Other materials that will be provided are social media post templates and a template press release.

You will receive the toolkit in January 2024. Please prepare to join us, spread the word and help make a difference!