The time for Late Breaking Abstract submissions for the SIOP 2023 Congress in Ottawa is here!

Please note that only 3 abstracts will be selected for this presentation. We are looking for outstanding studies, those that are likely to change the pediatric oncology practice because of their relevance (either in experimental or clinical research) that were not completed by the regular abstract submission deadline. This is not to be considered an extension of the deadline, but rather an opportunity for extremely important results that can’t wait to be shared with our community.

Usually, we receive a high number of abstracts for the Late Breaking call, and most of them are not considered ground-breaking research so are sadly rejected. If your work is retrospective, descriptive, or reporting on a small series of patients, it will not be considered for this call. We know how hard it is to prepare an abstract and how frustrating it can be when it is not accepted, so to avoid disappointment, we recommend submitting these for our SIOP 2024 regular call instead so they can receive the appropriate attention.

If you strongly believe your abstract qualifies as a ground-breaking paper, we welcome your submission at this time and thank you for your support to SIOP.

The deadline to submit your late breaking abstract is 15 August 2023. More here.

Asim Belgaumi
SIOP Scientific Committee Chair

Guillermo Chantada
SIOP President