We are delighted to invite you to the Launching of the SIOP Global Mapping in Latin America. Be part of this historic milestone! This is the result of an extraordinary collaborative effort that had the help of the entire pediatric oncology community in Latam and the support of Foundation S. In consonance with the Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer, the mapping provides a dynamic tool for documenting actual care and pursues new ways to improve the quality of care in the region.


18.00-18.10 SIOP-SLAOP Welcome
Guillermo Chantada – Andrea Cappellano

18.10-18.25 Results of the Global Mapping Project in Latin America
Maite Gorostegui

18.25-18.35 Displaying the Map: Functionality and Accessibility of the Online SIOP Global Mapping Programme
Scott Howard – Jennifer Lowe

18.35-18.45 “Foundation S” supporting SIOP Global Mapping and other initiatives
Isabelle Villadary

18.45-19.00 Maps provide innovative solutions: discussion on perspectives, impact, and future projects.

Round Table Discussion: Liliana Vásquez, Soad Fuentes, Andrea Capellano, Jennifer Lowe, Scott Howard, Julia Challinor, Neil Ranasinghe, Jennifer Geel, Maite Gorostegui and Guillermo Chantada.