Dear SIOP Nurse Members,

The SIOP Nursing Network is calling upon its members to contribute to the mission of the Network and its collaborative work in paediatric oncology nursing education, research and advocacy around the world by nominating themselves or another member for election.

Currently, the Nursing Network has 400+ members in 100+ countries. It provides activities, networking opportunities and educational content on paediatric oncology nursing topics. The Nursing Network’s work is guided by its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, available in English and Spanish. Read the 2023 Annual Report here for a summary of the Nursing Network’s work.

In Summer 2023, the SIOP Nursing Network will run elections for the position of Steering Group Member. To be eligible to run for this position, the prospective candidate must be a SIOP Nursing Network member. The SG Member supports the work of the Network and contributes to decision-making on current and new activities of the Network. This is a 3-year commitment.

To check whether you are a member of the SIOP Nursing Network, please visit the SIOP website and update your profile. Alternatively, you can contact the SIOP Membership Coordinator to ask ( Please review closely the TOR of the Nursing Network before submitting a nomination/self-nomination. For the nomination, you need to provide a CV, motivation letter and a photo.


Candidates are nominated by the Nursing Network Membership. Nominations will then be reviewed and scored by the Nursing Network Steering Group and a maximum of three prospective candidates with the highest total scores will go forward to a vote by the Nursing Network Membership. Self-nominations are accepted.


  • Deadline for Nominations: July 17, 2023 (12:00 noon CET)
  • Selection of Candidates by the Steering Group of the Nursing Network: July 31, 2023
  • Announcement of Candidates & Online Voting: August 1-August 31, 2023
  • Result announcement: by email (September 2023)



Click on the link here and submit your nomination.


We look forward to receiving your nominations and your commitment as a member is of vital importance to the Society, and we strongly count on your support in helping us shape the future of SIOP.


Kind regards,

SIOP Nursing Network Leadership:

  • Courtney Sullivan, Chair
  • Marilyn Hockenberry, SG Member
  • Yan Yin Lim, SG Member
  • Elianeth A. Kiteni, SG Member
  • Lorena Segovia Weber, SG Member
  • Mohammad Alqudimat, SG Member
  • Natalie Bradford, SG Member
  • Teri Stewart, SG Member