The SIOP Program for Advancing the Research Capacity for Pediatric Cancer Clinical Trials in Low Income Countries and Middle Income Countries ( PARC Program) seeks to bolster pediatric oncology clinical research infrastructure in low income countries (LICs) and middle income countries (MICs), SIOP enhances the capacity for research-informed treatment to improve the care and cure of children with cancer.

The PARC Program is led by the PARC Committee which currently has six open positions for PARC Committee members.

PARC Program Objectives

SIOP will 1) enable SIOP members and partners to expand research capacity in order to generate local evidence for cure and care, 2) advocate for increased use of research to provide evidence that optimizes the outcomes for children with cancer, and 3) mobilizeresources for clinical research capacity development in LICs and MICs.

Areas of PARC Committee’s Work and Responsibilities

The Terms of Reference (TOR) of the PARC Committee gives a full description of the type of tasks and responsibilities that the Committee has. Candidates for PARC Committee Members should review this closely and be willing to pitch in time and effort into working on such tasks.

Opportunity to Engage

SIOP is now recruiting for six new members of the PARC Committee. Please review the TOR of the PARC Committee for details about the PARC Program and the PARC Committee’s work.


Unfortunately, SIOP does not have funds to compensate PARC Committee members for their time and effort. This position is on a volunteer-basis.

Self-nominations for the PARC Committee Member Position

To apply, please submit a full CV and motivation letter through this portal by Jan 14, 2023.

PARC Committee Member Profile

The members of the PARC Committee should have good broad knowledge and/or hands-on experience and leadership role in implementing clinical trials and/or paediatric oncology clinical research training programs preferably in LICs/MICs. Leadership role is defined as having extensive experience in designing and implementing research trials in paediatric oncology in LICs or MICs such as serving as Principal Investigators (current or past) or having executive responsibility within a cooperative clinical trial group or national paediatric haematology/oncology groups. Candidates may be from academia, clinical trial groups, research institutions, cooperative groups, hospitals/teaching hospitals or foundations. Due to possible conflicts of interest, only candidates not currently employed by industry will be considered.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee consists of the existing PARC Committee members. They will review all applications. There are six open positions at the PARC Committee.