SIOP Asia 2023 Congress Nursing Program Highlights – Maria Aleksandrova (LOC Nurse), Vera Mkhitaryan (LOC nurse), Yan Yin Lim (Nursing Network SG), Shernila Anwarali (GHN Nursing co-chairs), Shelby Schroeder (GHN Nursing co-chairs), Liz Sniderman.

The SIOP Asia 2023 Congress took place in Yerevan, Armenia from May 18 to May 21, 2023. The nursing program was organized with support from the SIOP Nursing Network Steering Group and the Global Health Network Nursing Co-Chairs. The nursing program saw active participation, with 38 nursing participants attending from 12 countries, including Armenia, Lebanon, Jerusalem, India, Palestine, Pakistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Poland, Singapore, and the USA. Notably, nine nursing participants received nursing scholarships from Sanofi Foundation S and the SIOP Central Office. The nursing program spanned 1.5 days and featured lectures by international speakers who covered essential aspects of paediatric oncology nursing care. Five oral abstract presentations showcased evidence-based practices in paediatric oncology care from various centres across Asia. Interactive skills workshops and roundtable discussions provided engaging opportunities for participants. The congress was well-received by attendees and successfully facilitated networking and collaboration among nursing participants in the SIOP Asia region. The program created a platform for continuous engagement post-congress.