Dear SIOP Asia Members,

The call for bids for 18th SIOP-ASIA Annual Congress (SIOP ASIA 2026 Congress) is open.

Bidding is open to locations/cities in the following countries in East/South-East Asia: Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, China (HK, Macao), Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal, Timor-Leste, North Korea, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

The eligibility and main criteria are applied correspondingly to the guideline of hosting main SIOP Annual Congress ( The number of participants at the recent in-person Asia congresses were 500+. The 2024 Asia Congress had 730 participants.

A Letter of Intent, indicating the points below, should be submitted to SIOP Secretariat here by August 31, 2024 (12:00 noon CEST). Full info for Call for bids 2026

  • Recommended venue
  • Venue accessibility (accommodation, public transport)
  • Country accessibility for international travellers and details regarding ease of transfer from international airports to the host city and venue
  • Available dates
  • Proposal for a local organising committee (LOC) and LOC Chair
  • Support of your national paediatric oncology/haematology society


Schedule of Selection of the Congress Host City/Country

The selection will be proceeded in accordance with the following schedule.

  • June 23: Proposing a draft of call for bids for 2026 congress
  • July 1 – August 31: Accepting biddings
  • September: Information sharing in SIOP ASIA Board members and request on additional information to the candidates if needed.
  • Notification of the candidates and circulation of the bidding documents to SIOP-ASIA members (e-mail)
  • October: Presentations by the bidders at SIOP-ASIA Annual Business Meeting during 56th SIOP congress (Oct. 17-20) in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • October – November: Voting online
  • November: Notification of the voting results
  • Date to be announced: Presentation about the meeting by the organizer at 2025 SIOP-ASIA Annual Congress in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Past SIOP ASIA Congresses – Location List

  • 1st Congress, 26-28 April 2000, Singapore, Singapore
  • 2nd Congress, 22-24 November 2002, New Delhi, India
  • 3rd Congress, 26-28 February 2004, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 4th Congress, 05-08 April 2006, Shanghai, China
  • 5th Congress, 26-28 February 2008, Muscat, Oman
  • 6th Congress, 3-6 March 2010, Kish Island, Iran
  • 7th Congress, 21-24 April 2012, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 8th Congress, 17-19 April 2014, Seoul, Korea
  • 9th Congress, 25-27 April 2015, Amman, Jordan
  • 10th Congress, 25-28 May 2016, Moscow, Russia
  • 11th Congress, 25-28 May 2017, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 12th Congress, 3-6 April 2019, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 13th Congress, 19-21 March 2021, Mumbai, India (Virtual)
  • 14th Congress, 29-31 July 2022, Guangzhou, China (Virtual)
  • 15th Congress, 18-21 May 2023, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 16th Congress, 22-25 June 2024, Yokohama, Japan
  • 17th Congress, Riyadh, 12-15 April 2025, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • 18th Congress – location tbd

Selection policy

Bidding and Selection of City for Annual Asia SIOP Congress

SIOP Asia Congresses are held on an annual basis, as per decision of the SIOP Asia Board.

  1. The bid should be proposed by a SIOP member in active status (with membership fees paid in the current calendar year). The SIOP member may be working or be affiliated with the bidding organization (hospital, national pediatric oncology society or center).
  2. The Congress takes place in the first half of the calendar year (because we need to maintain some distance from the main Annual SIOP Congress which is usually in Sept-Oct).
  3. Bids are submitted at least 2 years before the date of the Congress to allow sufficient planning time. Bid deadline should be at least one month prior to the date of the Annual SIOP Congress.
  4. The teams bidding to host should make a formal proposal at the SIOP Asia Annual Business Meeting (ABM) which takes place during the SIOP Annual Congress in Sept/Oct.
  5. If there is only one submission that year, and if this is supported by the majority of the SIOP Asia members via a vote, the bid will be successful.
  6. If there are more than 1 bids, the teams should make presentations at the ABM and answer questions from members. The SIOP Asia members will vote in a vote administered by the SIOP Secretariat.
  7. The winning bid shall be announced prior to the end of the calendar year. Asia members should be informed by email.
  8. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) shall collaborate with CCI to organize and deliver a joint program for the Asia Congress.
  9. The Scientific Program shall be designed with the SIOP Asia President who may seek inputs and collaboration from the Board if needed.
  10. SIOP Asia members shall have discounted rates.