Dear SIOP Leaders,

Big thanks to our SIOP leaders for their hard work and dedication to SIOP and SIOP members. Please take a few minutes to see the variety of work that has been developed and offered last month as well as a few updates and opportunities.

Updates on the Wonderful Work and Initiatives across the Society

  1. The 2023 SIOP Annual Report was released showcasing the enormous achievements and accomplishments of our Society last year.
  2. The Nursing Network held a Steering Group meeting on 3/27/2024. This month, the Baseline Nursing Standards Special Interest Group of the Nursing Network celebrated 10 years in existence!
  3. The Nutrition Network held an educational session on 3/27/2024 focusing on the “Use of Appetite Stimulants in Children with Cancer.”
  4. The Supportive Care Network held an activities update session on 3/31/2024.
  5. The Governance Committee approved the TORs of the Psychosocial Wellbeing WG, AYA WG and Traditional and Complementary Medicine WG. 3 more WG TORs are pending.
  6. GHN SWOT analysis tool was launched and feedback from GHN members is welcome.
  7. The PARC Committee heard discussed the modality of a 2nd RFP for cooperative groups.
  8. As of today, SIOP members number 2,500+ people from 143 countries. We have surpassed 82% of our target membership number for 2024. More membership renewals are expected in the coming weeks due to early bird deadlines for SIOP Asia and Africa Congresses.
  9. The SIOP 2024 Open Forum, hosted by SIOP President and Secretary-General, took place on 1/3/2024.
  10. The Soc Media Team of the Young SIOP Network shared a few videos from members recognizing influential women leaders to mark the International Women’s Day!
  11. The Women Leaders Network celebrated the International Women’s Day by releasing the first few profiles of women leaders featured in the 2024 Almanac of Women Leaders in Paediatric Oncology: Odile Schweisguth and Kathy Pritchard-Jones. More profiles will be released in the coming weeks.
  12. SIOP Education & Training Committee and IPA are collaborating in the development of an educational course on early diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer, called “GAP4Cure: Global Avenues for Paediatricians in Childhood Cancer Care and Cure.”
  13. SIOP Oceania sent out a call for applications for a Trainee Representative to the SIOP Oceania Advisory Board.
  14. The Advocacy Committee has been analysing the effectivity of recent campaigns (ICCD 2024 and WCD 2024).
  15. The WHO Committee is planning a side-event in cooperation with International Initiative for Pediatrics and Nutrition (IIPAN) at the World Health Assembly (May 2024).
  16. Six days before the deadline, the SIOP Scientific Committee received more than 325 abstracts for the Hawaii Congress. More are coming in! Congratulations!

If you wish to join any of the SIOP Networks or Working Groups, please join them through SIOP CONNECT > Groups.

Upcoming Congresses

  1. SIOP 2024 Congress (Hawaii) abstract submission and registration are now open.
  2. Africa 2024 Congress (South Africa) registration is open.
  3. Asia 2024 Congress (Japan): registration  is open. Early bird registration closes on Apr 2, 2024.
  4. Europe 2024 Congress (Italy): registration is open.
  5. Attendees of the SIOP Europe Congress and SIOP Asia Congress will receive 10% discounts when they register for the SIOP Annual Congress in Hawaii, USA. Discount codes will be emailed after the Europe and Asia Congresses take place.

Nominations for SIOP Board-level positions are welcome:

Congratulations to:

  • Prof R. Pieters and Prof. van den Heuvel-Eibrink for being elected SIOP President-Elect and SIOP Scientific Chair-Elect!
  • Nursing Network leadership positions: Courtney Sullivan (re-elected Chair) and Lorena Segovia (elected Vice-Chair)
  • GHN Palliative Care WG leadership position: Ulku Miray Yildirim (Co-Chair)
  • GHN AYA WG leadership position: Ruzanna Papyan (Co-Chair)
  • GHN PROS LMIC leadership position: Pauline Njoki Njiraini (Co-Chair)
  • WLPO Network leadership positions: Arliette Sulikhanyan (Steering Group Member representing young professionals) and Liz Sniderman (Steering Group member)
  • YSN leadership position: Louise Guolla (Vice-Chair)

For your general SIOP knowledge

  1. SIOP Weekly Bulletins go out every Thursday to all SIOP members. You can send any announcements to be added to the bulletin to .
  2. The SIOP Secretariat has developed a FAQ page to help with usage of SIOP CONNECT. Did you already download your 2024 Membership Certificate? You can do so from SIOP CONNECT-here’s how to do so.
  3. On SIOP CONNECT, you can search the Directory of members and network! Have you checked who else is a SIOP member from your country?

If you have offered any member activities in March 2024 and this summary does not capture it, please update the Secretariat so that we can highlight your work in the future! We look forward to your activities and member engagement offerings in April 2024!

If the SIOP Secretariat can support you with anything in your SIOP initiatives, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Warm regards,

Tessie Laub

SIOP Executive Director for Programs & Strategy