The SIOP Supportive Care Network with the Istanbul University Oncology Institute organized a Seminar on “Oncology rehabilitation and physical medicine: Take home techniques for paediatric oncology professionals” in July. This had a great reception from oncologists all over the world, where they learned basic tips to prevent and treat side effects.  The seminar on T-ALL delivered an update on the biology and treatment and was well attended

Two funding proposals were presented and accepted by the SIOP Senior Management team, with the backing of the SCN:

  • Rehabilitation SIG
  • Zippy Hospital Board Game

The Supportive Care Network and the Supportive Care Working Group, who was previously under the global Health Network, have merged with the aim to provide expertise, guidance and opportunities for all Supportive Care demands from all countries and backgrounds.

We congratulate Miguela Caniza, who is elected as the new Co-Chair and who will join Pia Delano, the present co-chair,  and  Maya Prasad for being elected  as steering group member, they will both start their term in October 2023. We thank and appreciate all the work that Rejin Kebudi has done for the Supportive Care Network as co-chair and we congratulate her on her new role as SIOP Secretary General of SIOP. We also thank Thomas Lechrnbecher, for all his valuable work in the Network. They will join the legacy group of the Supportive Care Network, along with other previous co-chairs and steering group members.

Rejin Kebudi and Pia Delano
Supportive Care Network Co-Chairs