IPA proudly presents our upcoming webinars that will be streamed on the IPA Webinar Platform.
All webinars are open for all healthcare workers and public!


1. Survivorship in Childhood Cancer: Global Challenges
An upcoming webinar from IPA Program Area on Childhood Cancer
that will be held on: Monday, 29 Jan 2024 at 14.00-15.30 GMT.

Speakers’ topics:
• Childhood Survivorship Disparities: Bridging the Gap Between Developed and Developing Countries
• Setting up of Survivorship Clinic
• Survivorship in Childhood Cancer


2. Covid-19 in 2024: Current Issues & Future Perspectives
Answering all the current worries regarding the new emerging subtype of Covid-19 and steps in tackling the future possibilities with presentation from each expert from their nation and followed by interactive discussion.
Mark your calendar on: Friday, 2 February 2024 at 14.30-16.00 GMT.


3. Diagnosing Diabetes Early and Correctly: Saving the Child with Diabetes!
As found in may practice setting, diabetes in children could be misdiagnosed or only diagnosed later in a child. This webinar will provide key points information on the practical importance regarding Diabetes in Children.

Save the date for Wednesday, 7 February 2024 on 13.00-14.30 CET.
The webinar will cover:
• Incidence and Mortality of Diabetes across the World
• Suspecting and Diagnosisng DIabetes
• Delineating the Types of Diabetes


As a continuation of the first webinar held in January, this webinar aims to adress the next steps in implementing KMC from a pediatrician, obstetrician, nurse’s view point.

Live streamed through the IPA Webinar Platform on Wednesday, 21 February 2024 at 14.00 PM GMT.


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