Every second Sunday in December the world celebrates Worldwide Candle Lighting Day, when family and friends from all around the globe light candles in memory of their children who passed away because of cancer.

This year for the second time, we invite our members to participate in CCI’s campaign, symbolizing our compassionate support for families grieving the loss of a child. We ask all our members to light a candle at home, in quiet remembrance of children who have died too soon and will never be forgotten.

Please send us a picture of your candle, before December 10, or  post pictures in your social media using the hashtag #CandleLightingDay or  #OurChildrenWillNeverBeForgotten.  

CCI will create a collage of our candles, as a gift to the bereavement community.

Let’s create a mass candle lightning to create awareness of the losses due to childhood cancer!

Pictures can be sent to: ale.mendezriso@gmail.com

ICCD serves as a unique platform for uniting citizens, patient advocates, healthcare teams, decision-makers, and the media, all driven by a common objective: to raise awareness about childhood cancer and address the challenges we experience in our pursuit to transform it into a globally curable disease.