The Publications committee was created to ensure that all publications carrying the SIOP logo is in line with SIOP vision and mission.

JUNE 15, 2013

2 + ad hoc reviewers

Committee Members


The SIOP Publications Committee is chaired by the Scientifc Committee Chair. Its purpose is to review manuscripts prior to submission if they

  • Use the SIOP logo
  • Use SIOP data
  • Emanate from the Board, committees, working groups or ad hoc groups of SIOP
  • Propose to publish SIOP-sanctioned treatment or management guidelines
  • Propose to publish any SIOP policy or advocacy position


The Publications Committee will review

  • Whether it is an appropriate article to use SIOP name
  • Review content with respect to content accuracy and appropriate conclusion
  • Review with respect to duplication of manuscripts from committees etc.
  • Full editorial & scientific review if requested by authors
  • 1st and last authors must be SIOP members