Working Groups

Our PODC Working Groups and their respective chairs stimulate and disseminate scientific and clinical knowledge in different fields of paediatric care.

 Working Groups Chair(s)
 Abandonment of Treatment  Ketan Kulkarni Paola Friedrich
 Adapted Therapy Regimen  Tricia Alcasabas Michael Sullivan
 Palliative Care Linda Marisol Bustamante Meaghann Weaver
 Supportive Care   Gevorg Tamamyan  Muhammad Saghir Khan
 Nutrition   Karina Viani Amita Trehan
 Nursing  Lisa Morrisey  Rehana Punjwani
 Twinning, Collaboration and Support   Kevin Schwartz Nihad Salifu
 Education and Training  Neil Ranasinghe  Jennifer Geel
 Essential Drugs  Avram Denburg  Parth Mehta
Integrative Medicine Stacey Marjerrison  Glenn Mbah
PROS LMIC Natia Esiashvili Jeannette Parkes
Task Forces Chair(s)
 Patient, Family and Stakeholder Engagement Carmen Auste Carl Queiros
SIOP Africa / PODC Collaborative  Wilms Tumour Project Trijn Israels
Psycho-social Nuria Rossell
Hospital Detention  Saskia Mostert