Working Groups

Our PODC Working Groups and their respective chairs stimulate and disseminate scientific and clinical knowledge in different fields of paediatric care.

2016 PODC WG Country Representation

 Working Group Area Chair(s)
 Abandonment of Treatment  Ketan Kulkarni Andrea Patenaude
 Adapted Therapy Regimen  Tricia Alcasabas Sandra Luna-Fineman
 Palliative Care  Wendy Gomez Meaghann Weaver
 Supportive Care   Karen Selwood  Muhammad Saghir Khan
 Nutrition   Elena Ladas Amita Trehan
 Nursing  Linda Abramovitz  Rehana Punjwani
 Patient, Family and Stakeholder Engagement Robyn Kiddle  Carl Queiros
 Twinning, Collaboration and Support   Kevin Schwartz Liz Burns
 Education and Training   Jaime Libes  Jennifer Geel
 Essential Medicines  Avram Denburg  Ruth Hoffman Michael Link
Hospital Detention  Saskia Mostert
Psycho-social Nuria Rossell
Integrative Medicine Stacey Marjerrison
PROS LMIC Natia Esiashvili Jeannette Parkes