SIOP offers many opportunities to engage with fellow members and contribute to the development of the paediatric oncology field.

We invite you to join one of our Networks or Working Groups today! To sign up, please update your SIOP Profile and indicate which Networks/WGs you’d like to join. Step-by-step guidance on how to update your profile is available at the link below.

Currently, we have the following active Networks and WGs, which are welcoming members:


1. Nursing Network

2. Nutrition Network

  • HIC Nutrition WG

3. Global Health Network (formerly PODC)

    • GHN Abandonment of Treatment WG
    • GHN Adapted Treatment Regimen WG
    • GHN Adolescents and Young Adults WG
    • GHN Collaborative African Network for Childhood Cancer Care and Research (CANCaRe Africa)
    • GHN Education and Training WG (CancerPOINTE)
    • GHN Essential Medicines WG
    • GHN Nursing WG
    • GHN Nutrition WG
    • GHN Onco-Pharmacy WG
    • GHN Palliative Care WG
    • GHN Patient, Family and Stakeholder Engagement WG
    • GHN Psychosocial WG
    • GHN Supportive Care WG
    • GHN Traditional and Complementary Medicine WG
    • GHN WG on Twinning, Collaboration and Support
    • GHN Young LMIC WG
  1. Paediatric Psycho Oncology (PPO) Network
  2. Supportive Care Network
  3. Young SIOP Network
    • Young SIOP Educational Day WG
    • Collaborative Events WG
    • Social Media WG
    • Knowledge Sharing (Website) WG


Please note that as members of SIOP, you automatically join the respective SIOP Continental Branch.


Click here for detailed instructions on how to join the SIOP Networks and Working Groups.

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